Air conditioning preventive maintenance is a thorough check of the air conditioning system by a professional HVAC Technician. Contact us today and let your air conditioning units be taken care of by our expert technicians!

The benefits of a regular air conditioning preventive maintenance schedule can give you tangible returns of added life to the system. Additionally, it lowers energy and repair bills. Air Conditioning systems definitely need regular preventive maintenance to maintain the system and keep it running at optimum levels throughout its life. For example, dirty condenser coils cause the compressor to run harder and pull more amps. More amps equates to higher electric bills. Dirty condenser coils, which make your compressor work harder and could eventually cause premature failure of that compressor.

  • Check the air filters and change as necessary.
  • Inspect electrical components and make sure all connections are secure and without corrosion.
  • Check evaporator and condensing unit coils and clean coils as necessary. Almost always the condenser coil will need a good cleaning as the unit collects dust and dirt in the coils.
  • Test controls of air conditioning unit including thermostat, relays, and compressor contactor.
  • Check motor capacitors to make sure they haven’t weakened and are within +/- 10% of their rating.
  • Oil motors as necessary. Many HVAC motors do not need to be oiled as they have sealed bearings.
  • After the unit has been cleaned and has a clean air filter the refrigerant level should be checked. If the unit has low refrigerant levels the air conditioner system needs a refrigerant leak check.

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